Why Attend Congress 2024

why attend congress 2024

Why Attend GANSID Congress 2024
GANSID Congress 2024 is the 2nd Congress of the Global Action Network for Sickle Cell & Other Inherited Blood Disorders (GANSID) taking place virtually to ensure all clinicians, people with hereditary blood disorders, and global advocates can participate from any part of the world.

At #GANSIDCongress2024, there is something for everyone!

Why Must You as A Healthcare Provider Attend #GANSIDCongress2024?
The Congress provides you with learning and networking opportunities. Whatever your position in the field of hereditary blood disorders, GANSIDCongress2024 is the place to learn about the latest developments in the field of hemoglobinopathies, thrombosis, and hemostasis while you form global connections to advance your career or network with great minds.

Why Must You as A Patient Organization Leader, Advocate or Person Affected by Hereditary Blood Disorder/s Attend #GANSIDCongress2024?
#GANSIDCongress2024 provides you with capacity-building, learning, and networking opportunities. You will have the opportunity to learn about your hereditary blood disorder from seasoned specialists, participate in a regional workshop, and network with colleagues from across the globe.

Why Must You as An Industry Partner Attend #GANSIDCongress2024?
Industry partners are a part of GANSID’s interconnected system. By attending #GANSIDCongress2024, industry partners will learn about global opportunities for advancing hereditary blood disorders management and contribute to discussions on bringing the collective hereditary blood disorders community together.


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