Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers
A healthcare provider (HCP)’s knowledge as relates to an inherited blood disorder is a direct determinant of the quality of care that the patients of that HCP will receive.

The GAP: Many HCPs, especially those serving in low and medium-resource countries may not have timely access to tangible HCP resources essential to providing optimal care for their patients

Opportunity: Because the majority of sickle cell and other inherited blood disorders patients globally are treated by the same specialists at the same clinics or centers, there is a significant opportunity for cross-disease initiatives to strengthen care infrastructure, improve training/education of HCPs, and expand HCP access to resources.

As such, the Global Action Network for Sickle Cell & Other Inherited Blood Disorders, in collaboration and partnership with multiple stakeholders, hopes to enhance and expand healthcare provider’s (HCPs) early education, training, and access to best practices guidelines (resources) in order to improve patients’ outcomes no matter where they live in the world.

Global Gathering- October 20-21, 2023: Register here to attend the trailblazer virtual gathering of the global inherited blood disorders community slated for October 20-21, 2023. Attendees will include research and healthcare professionals, patient organizations, public health, government agencies, blood operators, academic societies, and industry partners. As a part of the inherited blood disorders puzzle, your input is essential in shaping the future of the global inherited blood disorders community.