Regional Networks

The Global Action Network for Sickle Cell & Other Inherited Blood Disorders utilizes a regional network model to advance its global activities. It will first commence work in regional areas of the highest unmet needs (Middle East, Africa, and South America/Caribbean).

Through these networks, GANSID will provide platforms for sharing, networking, and collaboration that will enable the advancement of public policy priorities through coordinated advocacy. It will also empower the patient organizations through training, capacity building, and mentorship

Each region is led by a regional lead responsible for:

  • Identifying regional priorities and elevating same to leadership
  • Advancing the execution of programming at the regional level

REGIONS.  The GANSID eight (8) regions are:

  • African Region (AFR)
  • Americas-North
  • Americas- Central and South
  • Caribbean
  • South-East Asian Region (SEAR)
  • European Region (EUR)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR)
  • Western Pacific Region (WPR)