Congress 2024

GANSID round table 2023 2

Welcome to the 2nd Congress of the Global Action Network for Sickle Cell & Other Inherited Blood Disorders (GANSID). The goal of the #GANSIDCongress2024 is to provide a forum for cross-fertilization of ideas, harnessing resources, and leveraging the advances made in some of the Inherited Blood Disorders to benefit the wider community of these under-served diseases.

This should lead to improved access to therapies and enhanced survival and quality of life for our patients globally.

The Congress 2024 will address issues that were introduced at the inaugural Congress in 2023, and, in particular, focus on equitable access to new therapies. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  1. Developments in Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Transplantation,
  2. Worldwide Registries for Sickle Cell Disease and Other Hereditary Blood Disorders,
  3. Access to Specific Therapies (clotting factors in hemophilia, disease-modifying drugs in SCD, iron chelators in thalassemia major),
  4. The need for the World Health Organization (WHO) to Designate a Day in the Year to mark Hereditary Blood Diseases,
  5. Strategies for Capacity Building,
  6. How to Organize Effective Regional and Country Levels Advocacy for HBDs,
  7. Building an Interconnected Industry Alliance to Advance Hereditary Blood Disorders.

Target Audience: Our target audience includes people with hereditary blood disorders, their caregivers, patient organizations, health system leaders, governments and policymakers, researchers, professional academic societies, and industry partners addressing the needs of people with sickle cell disease (SCD) and other HBDs.

Mode of Congress Delivery: The Congress will be virtual, over two days. We have lined up an impressive panel of world-renowned speakers to deliver the plenary presentations. Apart from the healthcare providers’ track, there will also be a community track that will address the needs of patients and the patient organizations supporting them. There will be workshops focusing on peculiar issues.

There is no doubt that the #GANSIDCongress2024 will be of high educational value and there will be networking opportunities. Register to attend now and please use the hashtag below tagging GANSID in all social media postings relating to the #GANSIDCongress2024. 

Hashtag: #GANSIDCongress2024
Social media handle: @iblooddisorders

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